Won't bring me down

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Have you ever feel like somehow you just don't belong anywhere and no one understands you? I don't know, I've been feeling miserable these past few days, thinking what should I do to make everything right, figuring what to do, I even don't know what I really wanted. I just wanna be home right now, I mean 'home' is hometown where I can meet my family! Even though I got nothing to do there, but it does feel good to be home, right?


Finally getting my hands on this book. Quite surprised that the blonde salad, fashion toast, style scrapbook, etc is NOT in this book.


The outerwear is from Australian local brand called Wish. Bought it when I was studying in Sydney, I remember I found this at greenwood plaza(a mall near my school in north sydney) after a tiring class. Don't you just love how it drapes well?


photographed by: Ivonny Tan

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