Officially 20

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I just turned 20 last week, and I feel strange in a good way I think. It's been 3 years since my sweet 17,  oh wow time goes by reaaaalllyy fast I could say. Anyway, went to do some photoshoot for the school project last week and guess who I met that day!

(Wearing Celine sunglasses, and gifted Charlotte Olympia Dolly Masako)
Photo credit: Joseph Ricky


Yes, Zac Posen it is. He went to the museum to see a Cheongsam exhibition, me and my friends were actually run to him and ask for pictures, he even said to me: "Lovely necklace, Marni?" HAHA I know I'm totally lucky, and I'm super thrilled. Zac Posen, really? Seriously? I wonder when I can meet Ricardo Tisci, Karl, and Marc Jacobs. 

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