Sunday, August 18, 2013

A month ago, I got myself LPD NY's Team Tisci. But after seeing this collection.... Should I switch to Team Slimane instead? Lol. Just kidding. Anyway, which team is your favorites?

Here are my favorite look from Saint Laurent Resort '14. 

 photo SaintLaurent_001_1366450x675_zpsd57b7f64.jpg photo SaintLaurent_003_1366450x675_zps05aaa6cd.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_002_1366450x675_zps8782c20a.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_005_1366450x675_zpsc686f0f6.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_007_1366450x675_zps89343fd5.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_008_1366450x675_zps5f95e2cb.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_009_1366450x675_zpsd2cc37ac.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_012_1366450x675_zpsd6bdb8d3.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_010_1366450x675_zpscec4d12a.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_013_1366450x675_zpsa2db8097.jpg
 photo SaintLaurent_024_1366450x675_zps99505e5f.jpg

.. and I'm starting to think the "Ain't Laurent without Yves" thing is completely wrong. Saint Laurent with Heidi Slimane has it own tough charisma, which I like!

Images via Style

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