Tuesday, August 11, 2015

| ASOS off shoulder top | Duma pants | Aquazzura Amazon sandals | Chanel boy bag | Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick in Unicorn Blood |

Liquid lipstick. A new kind of lipstick formula that has taken the beauty world by storm recently. Becoming more and more popular by day, almost every brand has been introducing their own kind of liquid lipstick, while beauty blogger has been reviewing and praising on how good the pigmentation is. I can't say that I'm a beauty enthusiast, but I know that I'm a lipstick junkie! So the liquid lipstick craze has swept me up and it partially responsible for my near empty wallet as well.

These are highly pigmented lipstick with rich, opaque color with a matte finish and incredible staying power. It is meant to stay on your lips for hours and hours, so it can be very drying on the lips, and it won't slide down your face even when temperatures rise. We all know how drying matte lipsticks can be, so it might be a good idea to exfoliate your lips before applying liquid lipstick.  On top of that, it is easy to apply, no lip liner required and does not bleed at all. I'm definitely a fan! I might be doing a review about all the liquid lipsticks I own, so stay tuned!

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