Shades of Grey

Saturday, August 08, 2015

| Milin top | H&M jogger pants | Chanel mini in perforated leather | Hermes silver Collier de Chien |

I was cleaning up my closet earlier today, and look what I have found! A white top that I got from my trip to Bangkok last year. I remember how I love the style of the top back then, the square neck, the thick fabric, and how it fits perfectly to my body. But then, everybody started to copy the style and sell it in cheap price (especially those who sells clothing in Instagram). It ended up sitting at the back of my closet, I even hadn't had the chance to wear it! I begin to think, sometimes it just so unfair for designers that people tends to copy their design in a snap of a finger. But not to forget, that's what fast fashion do. 

Do you know how crazy is the fast fashion response cycle? I have read about this some times ago so let me just explain it to you guys briefly. So it started from:

  1. Initial Concept - Seen from fashion shows or celebrities
  2. Prototype Made - made in any similar fabrics in just 2 days
  3. Textile Shipped - plus its suitable trimmings, etc in 2-5 days
  4. Clothing Production - in pre-booked factory in 3-5 days
  5. Garments Shipped - in 5-7 days max
  6. Delivered to Distribution Centre
  7. Transport to Stores - in 2-3 days
  8. Arrive in Stores
  9. Sales.... Then move on to a new idea
As you can see, the cycle takes 14-24 days time. So it is clear how the working cycle of fast fashion retailers like Zara or H&M are. Just like the saying "Life is unfair because people make it unfair.". Well, that's kind of true.

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